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Commissions: OPEN (February 2024 QUEUE)


mail: [email protected]

discord: pawz212

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Commission Menu

- Background/weapons/accessories: $20~$50+ (depends on the complexity)
- Additional character: +100%
- Character design: +30%
- Commercial rights: +50%
- Nude/NSFW ver.: +80%
- Extra outfit: +80%
Total price does not include VAT yet (5%).

BUST UP ($50)

A4 size (210mm x 297mm) / 3000px 3000px • 300dpi • PNG format file

WAIST UP ($100)

A3 size (297mm x 420mm) / 4961px 3508px • 300dpi • PNG format file


9000px 9000px • 300dpi • PNG format file

CG ART ($250~$500)

300dpi • PNG format file

©pawz212 2022. All rights reserved.

Terms of Service

Before starting a project, we need to make sure we are on the same page so there aren't misunderstandings and to protect against fraud, so please take some time to read through these terms! Thank you.Terms of Service AgreementThis agreement is between I, the Artist, and you, the Client, for work services performed on a project known as the Work.ContentI, the Artist, have the right to refuse projects and requests according to my discernment and capabilities.I, the Artist, warrant that the Work will be my original work performed to the best of my ability.Artistic style is subject to minor changes as I improve and develop as an artist.I warrant that the Work is 100% original according to my best knowledge. I warrant I do not copy or heavily reference any materials or art I do not own (excepting for existing character design accuracy) while producing the Work. I have the right to use existing commercial licensed or commercial free construction assets such as brushes, vectors, symbols, patterns. templates, and more, and educational material such as anatomy, pose reference, tutorials and so on. Material and design direction such as mood boards and examples are referred to as inspiration, not reference, and will not be closely observed.Timeline & ProcessThe completion of the Work requires 1 week at minimum. The work will be started at the agreed time after payment, and will be finished at the agreed time after payment, depending on commission type, complexity, and workload of commissions. Deadlines and timelines will be adhered to in good faith but may not be possible sometimes. Note that each project may vary. Please plan your launches and streams accordingly.There may be 1 major revision(s) for each step of the process, not including mistakes made by the Artist. I will actively reach out for feedback.Additional charge may be required for further revisions that may impact the progress and timeline of the project.Delivery of finished Work will be through Google Drive, or an alternative method agreed upon between I, the Artist, and the Client.Flow of WorkStep 1: Design
During this step, you may request details to be added/removed to the overall design as a single revision.
Step 2: Sketch
During this step, you may request changes to the Work (complicated changes may require additional fee) as a single revision.
Step 3: Color plan and outline
During this step, you may request changes to the base colors (and only the base color) as a single revision.
Step 4: Final rendering
During this step, no changes are allowed.
CommunicationCommunication will take place throughout the entire project timeline with updates and bouncing ideas. I will typically ask for feedback when I have something to show. I will let you know if anything is causing delays or priority shifts in the project.I will use e-Mails and/or Discord private messages to facilitate communications. I will typically respond quickly but may also take up to 1 week, which is usually in order to provide a better, more concrete, update.Clients agree to provide all required art, references, information and assets before Work starts and during the process, or it can affect the timeline.Rights, Usage & CreditsI retain original copyright and ownership of the Work, which includes but may not be limited to redistributing, reproducing, advertising, displaying the Work in my websites, social media and portfolios according to my discretion. I have rights to repurpose unused process work for future projects, personal or otherwise.The process and final result of the Work will likely be posted i.e. on Twitter and/or streamed on Twitch and/or Youtube unless Clients request otherwise before the project begins. A NDA or confidential commission status may be subject to a fee.Clients are granted exclusive rights for personal use of the Work produced as agreed upon, which must not be transferred to any other parties. Personal use includes: (ex: social media profile pictures, signatures, layouts, themes, wallpapers, personal website display, social media posts, physical prints and products) that is not for sale or distribution to any other party.For character designs, clients need to own the rights to the character design itself in order to reproduce, modify, and proceed with their future projects using this design as their brand.Clients may not at any time modify, edit, change the Work without permission from the Artist.Unless specified in the commission information or otherwise discussed and agreed upon, commercial licenses and reselling rights are not included. Commercial means usage on streams, broadcast content, or any monetized work (i.e. including but not exclusive to: merchandise, monetized videos, music releases); and reselling rights means selling the Work to another party or another platform or on any platform.Any Work done or made available to the Client must not be used for AI (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AI/ML Training), NFT, blockchain or any for profit platforms or purposes without the Artist’s permission. Should the Client decide to change or adjust the commissioned works through the use of machine learning or derived technologies, or create derivatives of the commissioned works through to the use of machine learning or derived technologies without permission, it will be considered an automatic purchase of exclusive rights for commercial licenses and/or reselling rights and the Artist will charge the standard fee per artwork.Exclusive rights for commercial licenses and/or reselling rights require additional charges of minimum of 50%, or on a case-by-case basis.Clients may not claim Work as their own or anyone else’s and therefore must credit me as the Artist using my social tag/username/link.Payments, Cancellation, RefundsBefore starting the project, the Client pays in full / provides a 50% down payment with the remaining 50% due at first complete watermarked preview before final revisions or delivery.Invoices will be sent within 24 hours of agreed upon time. Do not send a payment without my request.When invoice or payment link is sent, the Client agrees to pay within 72 hours unless circumstances are communicated otherwise in advance. Otherwise, the project/waitlist position may be canceled by the Artist.If Client requests cancellation before the Work begins, 50% of the total fee will be forfeit. Once Work begins, refunds are not possible unless initiated by the Artist.If for any unforeseen reason I cannot complete the Work, I will take initiative to inform you and provide a partial refund if Work done up to this point is accepted or full refund.Prices are in USD and paid via Paypal invoice or other methods as provided by the Artist. Prices may change depending on the complexity of the commission.By engaging on any project, once transactions have been made through Paypal or any payment service provider, the Client acknowledges the product and deliverables are DIGITAL and there are no physically shipped goods to be received. Chargebacks are not permitted and the refund policy as mentioned before will be followed.Business ClientsFor businesses, agencies, organizations, management and groups, please contact me to arrange in more detail.AgreementI reserve the right to refuse to accept projects if it does not fit with my studio.By commissioning, you confirm you are at least 18 and above or have a legal parent/guardian to agree to all of the terms of service as listed above.The date for this agreement is upon the first inquiry/communication for the commission.

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How to Order

Please send me an e-mail with the following information:- Commission details (as per commission)
- Paypal e-mail
- Character references (if any)
- Character backstory (if any)
I work on a monthly slot basis. That means, when you send a payment, you buy a slot for a particular month (at the end of current queue) for when I will start to work on, and finish, your order. Payment will be done via Paypal.You can get up to 3 revisions for each steps (detailed in terms).I generally only do full payment upfront. If the price of the commission exceeds $500, then I accept 50% down payment.For commission status, you can check the home page in this website.For commercial or collaboration, you can send an inquiry via e-mail with project details, budget, and due date.

©pawz212 2022. All rights reserved.